The Benefits of a Walking Course

The Pond

There are four primary benefits of walking when you golf vs. riding in a cart.

  • Physical - You burn almost twice as many calories as you would riding a cart.
  • Scoring - You shoot better scores than those who are riding in a cart.
  • Social - You have a much better opportunity to interact with all of your playing partners.
  • Experience - You can fully enjoy the natural beauty of the course from tee to green.

Of course the first and most important benefit is the physical. An informal study was conducted at Green Harbor Golf Club and the number of steps to play 9 holes is 5,638, and 18 holes is 11,276. For 9 holes, that translates to 807 calories burned while carrying clubs, 516 while pulling clubs. For 18 holes it is 1612 calories carrying clubs and 1183 pulling clubs.

A similar study was conducted at Inverness Golf Club in Denver, Colorado. This study also shows the comparison with riding in a cart. View the results here.

Read about all of the other benefits at The Walking Golfer website and its Benefits of Walking page.

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